Defending against drug charges in Indiana

Defending against drug charges in Indiana

If you get caught with marijuana in Indiana, then you should be worried about your future because the punishment for the same is harsh. Indiana is one of the states that have the most stringent penalties for the drug abuse. Getting caught means that you risk jail time along with some enormous monetary fines.

If you get in a situation like that, then you will want an excellent lawyer on your side. That might be the only thing that will get you away from jail, so you shouldn’t just hire the first attorney you see.

How can a lawyer defend you from drug charges?

The most common type of a drug defense in Indiana is drug possession. This includes all kinds of drugs from marijuana to heroin and meth. The conservative laws in Indiana make it so that even the possession of a small amount of any drug may lead to a serious misdemeanor charge or a felony.

Drug chargesYou should hire an experienced lawyer if you are facing drug possession charges. They will know how to get those charges away from you as they have insight into all law loopholes. The said loopholes are the tools that your lawyer will use to get you off the fees.

A prosecutor has to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that you had drugs in your possession. They have to show that you bought the drug and that you intended to use it. If they fail to prove everything, then you can get away from being found guilty. That, however, isn’t as simple as being guilty of a crime or being free of all charges. Every law has many different layers, and every crime can receive separate fines.

The best outcome your lawyer can get you is to free you of all charges. But this outcome is unlikely if you were caught with drugs in your possession. On the other hand, a good lawyer can punch holes in the prosecution case and allow you to negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduced punishment.

How to avoid drug charges in Indiana

The best way to avoid being charged for drug possession in Indiana is not to use it in this state. Fines for this crime are severe in Indiana, and buying any drug is too much of a risk. The best alternative to risking jail time in Indiana is to make a trip to one of the states that legalized it and enjoy a legal drug there.

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