Indiana marijuana law – Living in the past

It’s sad to say that Indiana is one of the states that are still failing to accept the change that is happening all around the world. This state is one of a few states in the USA that are falling behind others when it comes to laws regarding marijuana.

The lawmakers in this state are reluctant when it comes to changing ancient laws regarding the use of this substance. The worst thing about all of this is their unchanging stance on the medical use of marijuana. This means that you can’t get medical marijuana in this state. It also means that punishments for this are severe, even when you compare them with other states that didn’t legalize it.

What is happening in Indiana?

Many people from this state are wondering what is happening there regarding the marijuana legalization laws. The initiative exists as many people see the benefits the legalization brings. This is especially the case with medical weed, as it serves as a natural pain reliever.

Marijuana lawA lot of people are for legalization of the marijuana, but that doesn’t have any effect on politicians that make those decisions. The biggest problem of this state is the conservative views of those in the charge. Their traditional ways are blinding them from seeing all the benefits of the legalization. They still hold a firm belief that marijuana is as dangerous as heroin and other similar drugs.

Now, not all people that hold power in Indiana think same. This means that some of the politicians are trying to change laws regarding marijuana. Several politicians that see the benefits of marijuana legalization supported a comprehensive medical marijuana bill that would have legalized the plant for medical use. This bill, among several others, didn’t advance beyond the committee.

Benefits of the marijuana legalization for the state government

It’s hard to understand why Indiana lawmakers keep on refusing bills that would legalize marijuana considering the effects of the same in states that did it. They should look at Colorado and other similar states and see how much money the legalization brought into the budget.

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